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About Me

Jamie Quail, MA, LPC
Child & Family Therapist

My main focus in the playroom has been helping children through challenges with grief & loss, boundaries & defiance, emotional sensitivity, aggression, fears & anxiety, difficulty with transitions, and self-confidence. I believe that all beings - especially our youth - have the ability for growth, emotional awareness, and healing should we simply allow them to explore their emotional experience in a safe, empowering, and therapeutic environment. I am committed to supporting the entire family system so that goals and resolution are reached not only in the playroom, but in your daily lives too. 

I truly feel my life has been guided towards working with children, teens, and families. After losing my mother at the age of 16, it was essential that I built the skills necessary to become resilient in the face of such an early trauma. Overcoming obstacles has grown into a passion of mine, I absolutely believe in the strength and tenacity of the human spirit to grow through what we go through, ultimately leading me to find my place in the therapy world.

I earned my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Naropa University, with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Psychology, and after 3 years working as a Child & Family Therapist for The Bridge Center for Play Therapy, I have opened my own office space in Boulder for kids, teens, and families to overcome challenges, find their resilience, and reconnect with their essence.


From Me, To You

I am very passionate about my work in counseling because I have experienced first hand how rewarding this work can be. I chose the path of working with children for several reasons. In my studies as a counseling student, I discovered that most of our adult challenges have a basis in our childhood. Realizing this, I thought, "Why not get in on the ground floor?" What if I was able to provide the support necessary for children so that they weren't having to work through wounding and dysfunctional patterns in adulthood? If I had that as a child, I could have saved myself many years of self-doubt, inauthenticity, and disconnection. Allowing a child a space to process their challenges, in real time, sets them up for a life of fulfillment, connection, authentic joy, and freedom of expression.

As I have worked with children, I have realized the importance of working with the entire family system in order to produce lasting change. The more committed an entire family is to the therapeutic process, the better (and faster) the outcome. That's why I began providing parent sessions in addition to play therapy. When all parts of a system are moving towards connection, the deeper and more lasting the connection becomes.

If you have any comments, questions, or are interested in a free consultation, please call or email via the info below:
(720) 526-2644

Thank you, and welcome to Wise Nest!

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